Friday, May 9, 2008

Mercedes-Benz 190E Avantgarde Rosso/Azzurro/Verde

Three Avantgarde(Sport) models of the 190 were produced, the Rosso(Red), the Verde(Green) and the Azzurro(Blue).
The Avantgarde Rosso was a sport model painted in a special red. This model uses the 1.8Litre engine producing 108hp. As an Avantgarde model, the car also features a special interior. The carpets are red. The rest of the interior is black along with a special fabric insert. This fabric is checkered blue, red, green and yellow. The seats are upholstered in black cloth/special fabric. The Avantgarde Rosso was the cheapest of the Avantgarde models. It was priced at 49,875DM($30,787 US) at the time.
The Avantgarde Verde featured green paint. This uses a 2.5Litre Inline-5 Diesel engine capable of producing 94hp. Apart from the slick green paint, the interior was also different. The interior features black/green cloth along with green carpets and green door inserts. The fabric had a special pattern; increasing the uniqueness of the car. The Avantgarde Verde was more expensive than the Avantgarde Rosso. It was priced at 54,500DM($33,732 US) at the time.
The Avantgarde Azzurro was the top-of-the-line model. It uses a 2.3Litre Inline-4 engine capable of producing 134hp. The exterior is painted in a special pearlescent blue. The interior arrives standard with black leather upholstery. Instead of the usual driver seat + passenger seat + rear bench, the Avantgarde Azzurro features 4 individual sport seats. Every surface is black including the carpets. The unique part of this car's interior is that every passenger has his/her own colour. Each seat has a different colour trim of Red/Yellow/Blue/Green. This is matched with a colour strip in the door panel and carpets. However, the Avantgarde Azzurro was very expensive. It cost 65,500DM($40,540 US) at the time.
The Avantgarde models remain a classic. Each one a masterpiece.

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