Friday, May 9, 2008

190E 3.2 AMG

The 190E 3.2 AMG is the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle tuned by AMG. Back then, AMG was still an individual company. People always wanted their Mercedes-Benz vehicles tuned by AMG. They wanted high performance vehicles with sumptuous leather interiors. After AMG's victory at DTM racing in 1991, Mercedes-Benz decided to buy the firm. AMG built 200 tuned 190E vehicles. These cars were very expensive, about($90,000). Apart from the 200 produced, AMG also sold body kits and their tuned 3.2Litre engines separately. The 190E 3.2 AMG enjoyed higher sales than the BMW M3 despite being more expensive. The 190E 3.2 AMG is truly a legend and the last of the over-engineered Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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